SEO Consulting
Search Marketing that makes a difference

With over 15 years of experience in Search Marketing, you are guaranteed a strong and profitable campaign.
I ensure services that get results, if it’s ROI you are after, you’re in the right place!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I have worked hard to ensure that my SEO consulting services take you to the top and keep you there.  In order to achieve this, I have created a sophisticated and refined process which takes care of your SEO campaign from every angle. I don’t just provide any old type of SEO service; mine is fully accountable and brings real tangible results.  From initial keyword research through to technical fixes, content creation and link building, I create a powerful and proactive strategy built upon solid data.  With all of that in place, you are launched and ready to go.

Pay Per Click

Setting up your Pay Per Click account in the right way makes a huge difference when it comes to increasing sales. Because we optimize your campaign and each set of ad groups, my targeting is on the mark. I understand that there is no point in prospective clients seeing your advert if they do not react and buy; this is where my keyword selection along with superb emotionally persuasive content makes all the difference. I ensure that when clients click, they are in the mood to buy. Your ads will working in tandem with each other, producing far more clicks, new leads and ultimately, sales that count.


The use of analytic reporting provides you with comprehensive and detailed reporting, allowing you to evaluate campaigns and fine-tune your marketing.  When I put analytic software in place, I will show you exactly how it works to provide detailed information at your fingertips.  Forget having to guess how your site is working or spend hours calculating data that is not even accurate; my analytics reporting system is easy, and comprehensive.

SEO Audits

By carrying out a detailed SEO audit on your site, I can reveal forensic information that will allow me to evaluate and measure your content, investigate your backlinks and see where the competition lies.  With this data to hand, I can then put together a proposal to improve both your rankings and traffic to your site. If your online presence is important to your business, you cannot afford not to make your presence online as strong as it needs to be.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

My team of professional SEO experts and I are able to evaluate your current website status and put in place a unique, target forward plan to suit your business.  I look after everything from day one, no matter how complex or simple your site may be.  Because I take the time to get to know you and your goals and desires before we start work, you are assured of real-time results and profitable new leads that will make a massive difference to your company’s ROI.

Reputation Management

Nowadays you cannot afford to treat your reputation lightly because no-one else will.  Your brand name and the way you are perceived by the world needs to be accurate and specific to you.  Your site content, design and professional image all need to be singing to the same tune or you will have a confused following and disappointing leads and conversion rates.  By letting me steer you in the right direction, your first impression will always be the right one.  There really are no second chances when it comes to reputation so let me get it right for you first time.

Site Speed

If your site speed is not ultra-fast and smooth, viewers will soon lose interest and go elsewhere to spend their money.  It is pointless having a great product or service and a good looking website if it all falls down when it comes to speed.  I am able to ensure that your site will perform superbly no matter which browser is used, adding a vitally import strength to your marketing strategy.

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